Customer Testimonials

“I’m a buyer with Metso Paper in Beloit, WI. I’ve worked with Sugar River Machine for many years and can honestly tell you they are a very good supplier.

With Metso, having on-time performance is critical. Most of my PO’s are related to mill shutdowns or other urgent requests. Last year Sugar River was 100% on-time with me. If I have a critical order where I cannot afford any mistakes, I use Sugar River. Not only do they have a high “on-time” performance rating with Metso Paper, but also have no claims filed against them for machining errors. With our short leadtimes and our type of business line, we cannot work with suppliers that make mistakes. The last thing I need is to have a part show up at my customer when they are in the middle of a mill shutdown, only to find the part was made wrong. As you can imagine, at the normal $50,000 per hour charge we get from paper mills, we cannot tolerate errors.

For small machining, Sugar River Machine’s price, delivery performance, and quality are hard to beat. They are one of the best suppliers I work with.”


Senior Buyer at top tier Paper Mill

“My name is Kraig Carlson from Createch, Inc. and we have a 21 year old, Rockford-Area Engineering firm. I don’t normally recommend people or other companies, however when Heath Alberts of Sugar River Machine requested that I email you a recommendation, I did not hesitate. We have worked very closely with Heath Alberts and Becky Bruner of Sugar River Machine for the last few years. I have to say that Mr. Alberts, Ms. Bruner’s, and also Sugar River Machine’s service has been second to none. I can honestly say that they have a 100% on-time delivery with us. We have never received anything but the best from this company. Even through the difficult times that we have all experienced, Sugar River Machine, Heath Alberts, and Becky Bruner have never let us down. Through the years, we have worked with a great number of manufacturers in the Rockford, Chicago, Milwaukee, and other areas around the Midwest. We would easily put Sugar River Machine at the top of the long list of manufacturers that we have experienced, both first and second-hand.”


Vice President at a Top Tier Automation Firm

“Sugar River has been a top supplier for Paperchine for many years. They bring a strong commitment to customer service, always pushing for 100% on time delivery and quality. They have experienced machinists, excellent equipment, and are committed to doing what it takes to meet their customer’s expectations.”


Buyer at Top Tier Paper Mill

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